About Dara
About Dara

If you asked Dara when she was little what she was here for, she would have most likely responded, "To make the world a pretty place, and help people to be happy."

Fast forward to today and that is what Dara is doing with her life. Honesty, integrity, and authenticity are the walk and talk of Dara’s everyday life and she loves to share her inspiration, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

Dara holds a degree in Fine Arts from George Washington University, and is a certified feng shui practitioner. With the intention of becoming an educator inspiring others to follow a vibrant raw vegan diet, she also graduated as a chef from the Living Light Culinary Institute.

Practicing her art, Dara has become skilled in metalsmithing, which she uses to create wearable art out of unpolished gems and crystals. Her works are sold at fine boutiques and galleries, have appeared in many popular publications, and have been worn by recognizable people in the film, TV, and music industries.

When it comes to raw organic living foods, nothing else comes close to the joy Dara feels when educating others about the benefits of a raw organic vegan lifestyle. She lives, breathes, and eats it – and it shows.

Dara says, "I love eating these foods. They are delicious, and preparing them is fun and creative. The energy I have gained by following this lifestyle is beyond anything cooked food ever gave me! There is an immediate infusion of love and vibrancy that happens when someone eats organic living foods prepared with love."

Dara believes that, “Energy is everything that we are and all that surrounds us. Just like Feng Shui or chi in your home must flow, so must the chi in the body. To live our fullest lives, we must unblock the obstacles preventing our energy from flowing. In the home we remove clutter, in our bodies we remove mucus and toxins, and free compounded energy. Through a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, we get to clean, revive, and regenerate our health joyfully and deliciously.”

She adds, “We know true beauty comes from the inside. Nothing we put on our bodies can make up for true beauty. No makeup, or clothes can give us the vibrant glow that comes from eating raw organic living foods! Healthful foods, exercise, and practicing our skills and talents can help us to become the jewels and expressions of life energy we truly should be.”

To help you gain that vibrant glow, as Dara says, "Get your greens on!"